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Apr 22, 2013 at 01:19 AM
How to Post -- New members, please read this.

Welcome to our forum. We are sincerely sorry for your loss and hope you can find comfort among others in your same or similar position.

This forum will work the best if you start a thread for your deceased love one and then always write your thoughts and feelings about your loss regarding that loved one on that thread. (Of course, others will be able to reply to you on that thread.) When you add to the thread, it will automatically be moved to the top of the message board, so others will see it.

Your subject line could be your screen name, your real name (though you should keep your last name off the website), or the name of your deceased loved one. Whatever you choose for a subject line, please keep it short and to the point.

Please tell your friends about this website. It's the only way that we will get a large forum of people helping one another to cope.

Thank you.

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